Motivating Girls to Shine (diamonds optional)






(you thought i was gonna say rock and roll next didn’t you)














I know.

There are an infinite number of intense things swirling around our teen daughters’ world (some of which were definitely not around when we were girls.)

And the truth is, even if none of these things are happening to her, they’re happening all around her.

Every day.

So as their moms? We have to find a way to help her help herself through and around and over them. We have to help her discover (and embrace) who she is, and who she is not. We have to keep her from slipping through the cracks, from missing her chance to really shine and miss her chance to become the woman who’s going to leave her impact on the world.

It’s that serious.

Maybe just think of me as an ear: an encourager and motivator. And sometimes a voice of reason. Because these girls need someone to talk to. And unfortunately it’s not gonna be Mom, it’s probably not gonna be teacher, or coach, and it sure as hell better be someone other than her BFF or her phone.

Just someone with the tools and the experience to give them the tools to navigate their teen years with confidence, courage, and grace.

So the best baby step here? Getting them in my doors. (It’s ok, they can bring their phones.)

Whether you think your girl(s) would benefit from a one-on-one session or a small group sesh (these get really fun), let’s help her help herself through life’s hot spots, pitfalls, and triumphs.

Our girls need someone to help them identify who they are, what they stand for, and how to get up when they fall. They need direction, new eyes for life’s ‘aha moments;’ the courage to sometimes swim upstream (hint: these are all part of my specialty and passion as a teen girls’ life coach.)

And, of course, they need you. Because they don’t know that they need this. But you do. Cuz you’re the mom and that’s your job (and privilege.)

You’ll be a better mom for it, and she’ll be a better woman for it.

Drop me a line. Because being a mom is tough & you need more than wine to deal with it… My office is located at:
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